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History of nu-agane

Nuagane started life in the ’30’s originally manufacturing leather and vinyl paints from their base in Soho London.

They continued strongly until the 1970’s when they were bought out by Haven Plastics Ltd in Northampton who were then one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of car bodyfillers, thinners, primers and paints.

Haven Plastics took Nuagane into their manufacturing base mainly because of the leather and vinyl paints that they introduced into their catalogue of products.
By the early/mid 1980’s cars and vehicles were not using leather for seating in the quantities they used to and were moving more towards a leatherette effect material so the call for leather paints was declining.

My 1984 Haven Plastics and Nuagane became two companies again, the manufacturing plant and business in Northampton was sold to Gramos Chemicals and Nuagane re-invented itself as a car paint factors opening in Kingsthorpe Northampton. In 1992 the Bedford branch opened it’s doors and has remained in it’s current premises for the last 26 years.

We have seen a lot of changes through the years from the big nationals expanding at a monstrous rate in the late 90’s to a rapid decline in the 2000’s , the discounter franchisors exploding onto the scene in the 80’s and again fading away in the late 90’s.

The introduction of water based paints sprang onto the scene around 1990 and although has remained on the radar since then has never really been the commercial success the big paint manufacturers wanted.
One thing that has remained constant has been the owners and the staff that have been Nuagane they have always tried to be as helpful as possible, sometimes under extremely testing conditions !

Their knowledge and contacts are pretty much second to none, as we have a very low turnaround of staff as most have been with us for well over five years with some approaching nine years in service and the owner who started working for Nuagane when he was 17 years old…..that was 31 years ago…not many can say they have held the same job for that period of time.

We consider a lot of our customers as friends and we treat them as such, we have always tried to have a “family” approach to business and we feel it has worked well for us through the years.

…….here’s to the next 26 years !!

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