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1 Litre 1K Clear Coat Lacquer / High Gloss / UV Resistant / Reafy For Use / RFU


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This lacquer is a crystal clear 1K. ready to use clear coat. Used for finishing coated surfaces in order to achieve a high gloss UV resistant durable finish
1K clear is a new high performance clear that gives the appearance of a 2K finish with the convenience of a 1K or single pack material.
1K clear is ideal for smart repairs with excellent build. flow out and gloss retention
Compatible with most paint systems including waterbased
Ideally used for small or part repairs where speed and convenience are important
This is a high quality crystal clear 1k clearcoat / lacquer which is UV resistant. has a high gloss and is very durable. It is ready for use (RFU) meaning it can be poured straight into a spray gun and your ready to go and any left overs can be poured back into the tin ready for next time.
High gloss
Fast drying
UV resistant
Easy to apply
Ready for use
Any questions please email or phone on 01234 355990


On 16-May-16 at 17:31:19 BST. seller added the following information:

**Important Notice Regarding Solvent Based Material**

Due to the change in legislation regarding the sale and use of material with a high VOC content. all non compliant material must not be used for the refinishing of passenger vehicles unless it has been classified as classic or vintage.By clicking to buy this material you agree to our disclaimer. and agree that this material will be used for the correct purposes in accordance with the guidelines as set out by DEFRA. Please check the DEFRA website for further information and updates.

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