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1 Litre Bright Orange Basecoat Car Motorcycle Paint Base Free Carriage


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Bright Orange

1 Litre Basecoat Car Paint

This listing is for 1 Litre only.

As this is basecoat paint. it will need to be thinned 1:1 with 2k thinner

It will need to be lacquered with a 2k clear or cellulose clear

A lovely bright orange colour that is quite loud

It will need to be lacquered over the top but you can use a 2k clearcoat if you want more of a depth of shine . This colour is not matched to any code. This Bright Orange is our own. and can be made again.

Due to the change in legislation regarding the sale and use of material with a high VOC content. all non compliant material must not be used for the refinishing of passenger vehicles unless it has been classified as classic or vintage.
By clicking to buy this material you agree to our disclaimer. and agree that this material will be used for the correct purposes in accordance with the guidelines as set out by DEFRA.
Please check the DEFRA website for further information and updates.

Please also check your postcode as some sur-charges may apply. Any questions. please ask.

Any questions – please ask.

If you require a colour mixed to a code. please check out our other listings. as we do offer custom made colours. matched as best we can to either a code or sample.

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