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1Lt 2k Acrylic Metalflake Royalty Purple Custom Colour


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2K Clear Lacquer with Royalty Purple Flake 1 litre

Requires mixing 2:1 with a universal 2K activator + 10% 2K thinners, giving just over 1½ litres of material. Can be used over solvent based basecoat, waterbased basecoat, and cellulose colour.

Always looks best over a black basecoat

Metal Flake

Colour: Royal purple

Being heat-resistant at up to 450-degree fahrenheit means the stunning colours wont fade with heat or sun exposure. Automotive Glitter Flakes comes with colourfast guarantee, which ensures the colours stay true for longer, nor does the colour fade, bleed, rust or fade.

Will need lacquering to “bury” the metalflake, we always would recommend a 2k clear as the build is much faster

Does not come with activator.

We have been selling this lacquer for over 4 years, and it proves time and again to be a big hit.

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