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5 L Basecoat Binder / Intercoat Clear Universal



Intercoat Clear

Welcome to this listing of a intercoat clear – otherwise known as a basecoat binder. This can be used as a protective clear coat in between colour coats for airbrushing and striping. The basecoat helps prevent the marking or pulling the undercoat when your marking out your design.

Clear basecoat is also great for blending in on existing paintwork. silvers and high pearls. as it will allow the aluminium and pearl flecks to sit in a uniform pattern. rather than trying to sit them on an uneven paint surface.

This is a universal binder for numerous paint schemes. we have sold this into Pro-Spray systems for years with no problems .


Pro-Spray binder 005

Thinning ratio of 1:1.

Applying the clear. we recommend using 1-2 coats after your previous basecoat has dries to a matt finish. Try to use a 50% overlap. with a gun distance of 6 inches. Air pressure at the gun should be 40-50PSi and 10PSi at the nozzle of HVLP. Allow a flash off time in between coats and approximatly 1 hour before taping (time will vary with weather and shop conditions). In many instances it can be taped off in less than 30 mins. Always allow a flash off tiem in between coats.

It’ll dry to a semi gloss and should feel dry to the touch. Do not apply more than 4 coats as it is not intended for use as a build product. If more then 12 hours has elapsed. lightly sand with 800 – 1000g wet and dry to insure a proper adhesion of further coats.

For blending. thin as per normal and apply a medium coat over the whole area you have prepped ready for paint. Then paint as per normal. Metallics and pearls shouldnt darken as they normally can at the edge of the blend. Then just topcoat using your normal lacquers.

This is not a clear top coat gloss.


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**Important Notice Regarding Solvent Based Material**

Due to the change in legislation regarding the sale and use of material with a high VOC content. all non compliant material must not be used for the refinishing of passenger vehicles unless it has been classified as classic or vintage.By clicking to buy this material you agree to our disclaimer. and agree that this material will be used for the correct purposes in accordance with the guidelines as set out by DEFRA. Please check the DEFRA website for further information and updates.

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